Use of Arts and Entertainment to Keep Your Child’s Party Going

Your child has invited some playmates over. They started out laughing and having fun. Next thing you know, the kids are starting to fight over a toy that each one wants to play with. They can’t agree on an activity, and one child may start teasing the other.What do you do to save the day? Pair the children up with matching play. This is an activity that gives each kid a chance to do something alone, but near each other. As they work, the kids may begin to speak to each other, share their ideas and finally begin to play with each other harmoniously.An activity that you should try is the shadow drawing game. It is creative, fun and a sure hit with the little ones. If weather permits, have the kids lie down on a sidewalk while you outline their figures with chalk. The children can then decorate their outlines. If the weather is not cooperative, open paper grocery bags and tape them together until your section is large enough to trace each of the kids’ bodies on it. Do the same thing, mark out the kids’ figures and let them color in their sketches with crayons, paints or collage materials. Let them show off their creativity.For this and similar occasions, it is best to be always prepared. We suggest that you stock up on these staples to keep them busy and happy.1. Pre-made cookie dough (to make a simple snack or for cooking activities)
2. Markers, crayons, paints and colored chalks
3. Paper bags (grocery and lunch)
4. Masking tape
5. Safety scissors
6. A variety of paper (and business-size envelopes)
7. Dress-up clothes and accessories
8. Glue, glue sticks
9. Collage materials (magazines, scraps of fabric, ribbons, cotton balls, feathers and so on)
10. Flashlights